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Ailments More Likely to Affect Women Than Men

As it turns out, some diseases and disorders pick sides when it comes to men and women. This can be due to hormonal differences between men and women, or other physiological differences—although research is still ongoing to pinpoint why this is.

There are some health problems that are almost exclusive to women; this is not to say that men won’t develop some of the same health problems, but in many cases they may impact women more. Let’s take a look at seven illnesses that disproportionately affect women…

1. Lupus

This is a fairly well-known autoimmune disease that causes inflammation that can seriously impact health, namely relating to the joints, skin, kidney and even the heart and brain. Medical science first learned about lupus—or at least the telltale effects of the disorder—as early as the 19th century.

However, perhaps what’s lesser known is the fact that lupus negatively impacts women more than their male counterparts. The Huffington Post notes 9 out of 10-people afflicted by this autoimmune disorder are women.

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