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6 Ways to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

Being with the same partner for a long while definitely has its benefits—you have a friend you can trust, and you can count on them in times of need. However, many couples end up drifting apart because they lose their “spark”, and find themselves being roommates rather than lovers. For some, a lack of passion can lead to divorce (it is one of the leading causes of breakups, high up there with financial problems).

If things are a little lackluster in the bedroom, there are many ways you can try to get the magic back. Psych Central says that all long-term couples will struggle at some point with a “stale” relationship, but that it’s possible to bring that excitement back by following these six tips…


1. Try Something New Together

It’s hard to deny that it’s the excitement of experiencing life with a new person that ignites the passion in the first place. This is why Psych Central recommends trying a new activity together to bring back that flood of fresh feelings.

That doesn’t mean it has to be something new in the bedroom. Try something out of your usual comfort zone like deep-sea diving or salsa dancing. Experiencing the challenge and joy of a new activity can bring you closer together.


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