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6 Ways to Brush up on Oral Hygiene

Keeping your teeth and gums clean seems pretty straightforward, right? Then why do so many people avoid paying attention to the details that can save them a bigger dentist bill?

Not only will these simple tips help keep your teeth clean and cavity-free—they’ll also help prevent other possible health problems from improper techniques. You may have been brushing your teeth the same way for your whole life, but it’s never too late to make a positive change. Here are six ways to improve your oral hygiene skills…


1. Floss Regularly

Yeah, yeah. We’ve all been hit over the head by our dental hygienist about flossing regularly, and maybe some of us do it for a few days following a dentist visit and then stop out of laziness. However, on the next visit, we might lie and say we’re still on top of it.

Truth is, your dentist can probably tell, and the AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) says that only about 40 per cent of Americans floss each day (assuming they weren’t fibbing). However, the AARP also notes that flossing gets to spaces that your brush just can’t, and the bacteria left over can lead to inflammation and tooth loss, bone loss and even heart problems in more extreme cases.


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