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6 Tips for More Meaningful Gift-Giving

When it comes to holiday gift giving do you purchase off a list one-by-one, or do you go with your gut?

Purchasing mounds and mounds of material objects can seem a little hollow—no matter how luxurious or expensive the gifts. Plus, how much Christmas joy can you really find at your local mall? Santa would say, “Not much, ho, ho, ho”! Focus your holiday gift-giving on more meaningful and cherished presents from the heart…


1. Give Time, Not Material Objects

I would much rather be gifted an experience over a material gift any old day. In fact, my husband and I have a running tradition of giving each other gifts in the form of time together (i.e., concert tickets, crafty classes, workshops, mini getaways, and nature encounters) for every special occasion.

Before you worry about the kid’s stocking, researchers from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania reassure that children even find experiential gifts more meaningful because they build memories, and express, and forge love with the gift of time.

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