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6 Tips for Dealing with a Breakup Over the Holidays

If you’re a music lover you might buy into the fact that “breaking up is hard to do” or that “love hurts”. However, breaking up near an impending holiday, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve or (gasp) Valentine’s Day, can truly make you feel like you’ve been hit by Santa’s sleigh and stampeded by a succession of 32 reindeer hooves…several times over.

So before you put “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on a loop while eating an entire gingerbread house, take our true blue tips for surviving and thriving a holiday breakup to heart…


1. Know the Symptoms of a Broken Heart

When you fall in love it’s common to feel excited about the future, full of potential, every minute of the day is filled with images and thoughts of your amour. When you break up, similar thoughts of your relationship still occupy your mind—but suddenly they are set in a negative context rather than a positive love high.

According to relationship guru, Dr. Michele O’Mara, who penned the book, Just Ask! 1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship, you experience physical chemical and hormonal changes when you fall in love and also when you breakup. That means the same thoughts that lifted you up when you fell in love, take you down when you experience a breakup because you feel a concrete loss, especially around a holiday where love and relationships seem to be a focus.


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