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Tips for a Pet Friendly Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of year when we celebrate with loved ones and make cherished lifetime memories. Food, festivities and family are all ingredients for a happy holiday, but they are also ingredients that can play havoc with your pet’s health. Especially for cats and dogs whose innate curiosity can lead them into trouble or worse. Taking a few simple precautions can mean the difference between a truly joyous holiday season or one marred by grief and tragedy for your pet.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can protect your pets during this festive season…


1. Beware of Unstable Trees

Cats and dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures. That tall Christmas tree with the twinkling lights and glittering ornaments hanging from every branch will attract pets like wasps to a sticky bun. They can’t resist. Cats will amuse themselves for hours, batting ornaments off the tree and then chasing them across the floor. You may even find yourself walking past your tree only to have a cat swat you from the middle branches! Cats love to climb!

Your dog may be the one to chase your cat up your tree. For all of these reasons it’s vital that you make sure the base of your tree is safely secured. If not, you may find your beautifully decorated tree toppled onto the floor with broken ornaments and all. The last thing you need is the tree falling on a child or damaging furniture. If your pets are extremely rambunctious you may even need to secure your tree to the wall.

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