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6 Things She Actually Wants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. The day we celebrate the woman who gave us life, or gave your children life (if you happen to be the supportive partner with children who can’t quite do the whole commemorating of the day thing on your own). How can one possibly do something for the woman who does it all? How can you show her how much you appreciate her in a way that she will truly appreciate?

Every stage of motherhood is different and for each stage of motherhood comes a whole new wishlist of what she would love on that day. The good news is that, in most cases, it doesn’t require loads of money to achieve either. For women, the moment they become a mother, they become a person divided. They don’t walk out the door without thinking of everyone else’s needs. So realistically, what does a mother really want for Mother’s Day? One hint: it’s probably not flowers and a card.

1. Pregnant Mother: She Wants to be Recognized

The moment a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes a mother. She dedicates your body and much of her heart to growing a human being, her child. It’s no small feat. She will endure what will likely be the greatest discomfort and pain of her life to bring that child into the world, and without a lot of thanks.

So, thank her. Perhaps she’s feeling a little awkward about the Mother’s Day holiday, not knowing if she’s valid to participate, or if anyone will recognize her as a Mother yet. Small gestures like a breakfast in bed, or a note to thank her for what she’s doing (carrying a child) is exactly what she needs.


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