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6 Quick and Easy Exercise Tips for Working Moms

If having a baby wasn’t enough of a shock to your workout routine, it’s a whole new ballgame trying to find time for exercise once you’re back to work. Gone are your 6AM pre-work runs, fresh from a full night’s sleep. And swapping your heels for runners for an after-work Zumba class? A rare luxury now that you’re a parent.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. For new back-to-work moms and seasoned veterans alike, these six quick and easy tips can help you incorporate exercise into your already jam-packed day…


1. Work Out With Your Child

I know it sounds like a special form of torture. Cranking out squats to the tune of a baby crying or while answering the endless streams of “What are you doing, Mama?” “Can I help?” and the inevitable, “Mama, I fell down!” from your toddler? It doesn’t exactly sound motivating and is probably the last thing you want to try to do at the end of a long day.

But some workouts go hand-in-hand with kids and can actually feel more like bonding time for the two of you than a chore. Mommy and Me yoga classes or yoga at home are beneficial for both you and your child and can give you a chance to wind down together after a busy day. If you want something more intense, design a circuit of 1-minute interval exercises for yourself. Burpees and mountain climbers are great cardio, while body weight exercises like planks and push ups are easy for children to experiment alongside you. While you’re paying attention to good form, they’ll love trying to mimic your moves. And by keeping your sets of each exercise short, they won’t have a chance to get bored before you’re ready to move to the next one.

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