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6 Health Behaviors that Hurt Your Health Goals

There is something good about setting a health-related goal. The minute you declare to yourself, or to others, that you are going to run that 5-mile race, lose those 10-pounds, or quit smoking, there can almost a sense of relief. Great, you’ve set a goal and that’s the first step. But have you planned for the next steps?

Let’s take a look at the common health behaviors that get in the way of you reaching your goals…


1. Starting with the Most Difficult Path Possible

It’s common for people looking to make changes to their health to announce that they are going to achieve their goals by following the most difficult path first. For example, not only will they announce they are going to track what they eat, but they are also going to go to yoga twice a week, join a running club, and renew their gym membership.

Instead, try approaching your health goals like a frugal consumer. Ask yourself—“How much can I buy with this $5 before I agree to spend $10?” In other words, what kind of results can you achieve by just taking on one small change?  It takes the least effort, which also means it’s much less likely you will give it up, and helps you evaluate what you really need to do to reach your goals.

Goal Setting

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