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6 Behaviors Of Emotionally Strong Individuals

Change. Some people take it in stride while others pout, cry, grumble, and fight it every step of the way. But have you ever pondered why some folks are able to effortlessly roll with the punches—whereas others fall apart at the very mention of impending change?

Adaptability in the face of stress, periods of instability, and change is a practice in emotional resilience, and while there may be some biological reasons behind innate emotional strength, the following six behaviors can help us all develop better ironclad emotional resilience and handle any changes that come our way…


1. Focus Your Attention on the Positive

Your yoga instructor might tell you that, “Energy flows where attention goes,” which may sound fluffy at first. However, psychology researchers from the University of North Carolina have found some merit behind the fact that positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life, and help you build emotional strength.

In fact the research discovered that individuals who experience positive emotions—such as love, joy, gratitude, and life satisfaction—tend to view life with greater possibilities, which broaden the overall sense of opportunity.

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