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5 Ways Music Can Tune your Mind and Body

We’re all aware of the immediate benefits of listening to music—it can help us through a generally mundane task like cleaning the bathroom, or help us drown out overly chatty office colleagues thanks to headphones.

However, music is useful for more than just bopping your head and grooving away the afternoon. Science has backed studies that show several physical and mental health benefits that are a bonus when listening to your favorite tunes. Here are five of those benefits…


1. It ‘Beats’ Pain

Several sources tout the ability of music to kill pain, including Men’s Fitness magazine, which notes that those listening to music allows them to work out for longer periods of time. It also details a study that proved those who had their favorite tunes playing in their head had less of a pain response to controlled electric shocks.

The magazine explains that the same neural pathways that process pain also happen to process music. When you are deep into a tune and even humming along, it uses up some of the “bandwidth” that the pain would usually occupy. There’s no particular kind of music that is best for pain relief, noted the article—it’s all about your preferences and what reaches you most.

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