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5 Tips for Managing the “Witching” Hour with Children

The witching hour is that dreaded time of day when parents are the most stressed and children inevitably choose to test boundaries. For some families this occurs in the morning when parents are trying to get ready for work while at the same time getting the kids up, dressed, fed and ready for school or daycare. For others it’s when the kids get home from school, parents get home from work, agendas need to be read, homework done and dinner made. No matter what time of the day your ‘witching’ occurs, it’s a time that can leave you exhausted and frustrated.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make this time less stressful…


1. Prepare in Advance

Whether your crazy time of day is in the morning or at dinner, preparing in advance can alleviate much of the stress. For the morning routines you can do a lot of preparation the night before such as making lunches and having the kids pick out their clothes.

You can pour dry cereal into bowls and set the breakfast table the night before. If the crazy time is later in the day you might want to prepare dinner in advance or arrange the ingredients and cooking utensils at the ready in the kitchen for when you come home.


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