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5 Steps to Breaking a Bad Habit

It can seem impossible sometimes to break a nasty habit, whether it be smoking, constantly checking your phone, chewing your nails, cracking your knuckles or even coughing and excessively clearing your throat. While no one wants to be stuck in an unhealthy habit, sometimes you’re not aware of these habits and others point them out to your embarrassment.

Some experts say that breaking a habit can take up to 28-days or more depending on your demeanor and willingness to change, but you must be prepared to focus on quitting and follow guidelines. A 2009 article from the Guardian newspaper, in the U.K. noted that the transition away from a bad habit can be eased by replacing it with a healthier behavior that gives you comfort without going to extremes…


1. Accept the Habit

While you may be in denial about biting your nails constantly or get defensive when someone notices a nervous tic or some other unwelcome habit, one of the first steps in breaking the habit is to acknowledge it. Then you can start to determine the triggers of the behavior and work towards ending it.

Psych Central said that bad habits such as spending hours in front of a computer surfing the web could be a way to avoid interacting with your partner, and eating excessively could just be a way to comfort your foul mood. Dealing with the real problem causing the habits can be hard (especially with something like smoking, which is physically addictive), but it can correct bad behaviors that are driving you and others bonkers.

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