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5 Health Problems Linked to Household Debt

Household debt is a major problem in the U.S. and it’s not just about the numbers. Although, this Business Insider article claims that American household debt grew to $11.85 TRILLION in the first quarter of 2015), debt is also closely linked to, and impacts, your health.

If you’re not feeling up to your usual standards and your doctor can’t quite place it, you may be suffering from debt fatigue. Canadian Living magazine noted that spending money when you’re trying to pay down debt (known as debt fatigue) creates a sense of failure and disappointment, and the feeling that the situation will never improve. Here are five ways high debt can affect your behavior and health in a negative way…


1. Higher Blood Pressure

The same Canadian Living magazine study noted that high financial debt (in comparison with assets) leads to higher diastolic blood pressure (DBP), and the same effects were found in subjects or varying socioeconomic backgrounds and overall health.

A interesting find in the study is that calculated debt ratio is not associated with a higher blood pressure, higher subject debt—that is, perceived debt—was the bigger trigger for increased diastolic blood pressure. A higher DBP is linked with a higher risk of stroke and hypertension.

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