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5 Effective Exercise Time-Savers

Why do work, family obligations, social events, weather, traffic and seemingly everything else seem to get in the way of our workouts? Even with the best intentions, life can just get busy sometimes—so busy that exercise takes a back burner as far as priorities. However, rather than throwing in the towel on fitness altogether, try these five effective exercise time-savers the next time you have less time for a full workout…

1. Intensify Time with Intervals

Now I know that everybody is different, but personally speaking I always get the best workout when I do intervals—short blasts of exercise with recovery periods between. The bonus is that an interval workout (or a HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training) will take you half the time, while still burning a decent amount of calories.

According to a research study published by the Journal of Physiology, participants who performed 90-minutes of HIIT each week maintained similar cardiovascular benefits to participants who performed 5-hours of constant exercise.

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