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10 Ways Love Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health

Is your relationship bad for your health?

That depends—while solid, happy partnerships and marriages can make us stronger in health, mind, and body; turbulent relationships are breeding grounds for stress, depression, weak immunity, and weight gain, particularly if we learn these bad habits from our partners.

So regardless of your relationship status, your romance may be wreaking havoc on your health in the following ten ways…

1. Sleep Deprivation

Many of us can’t get a good sleep without our partner snuggled up beside us. However, if your spouse is tosses and turns, talks in their sleep, or suffers from snoring or sleep apnea you may be a walking zombie during the day due to lack of zzzz’s at night. Sadly, if you’re dealing with a partner who’s robbing you of sleep, you’re more likely to carry that resentment into your daily relationship.

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