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10 Super Foods that Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when a malignant tumor that appears in the cells of the breast but can metastasize to other parts of the body—it’s scary. Women age 40 and over and people with a family history of breast cancer are most likely to be diagnosed with the disease.

However, there are ways to prevent a breast cancer diagnosis. You can avoid smoking cigarettes, you can exercise on a regular basis, and you can eat nutritious, healthy food. But what foods are most likely to prevent breast cancer? Let’s explore that further…


1. Mushrooms

Recent studies have shown that eating mushrooms can actually reduce the chance of a premenopausal woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s because mushrooms ­(i.e., cremini, oyster, shiitake, and other types) contain the antioxidant known as L-ergothioneine, which has been shown to ward off cancer.

Mushrooms make an excellent addition to many delicious dishes, from pizza to scrambled eggs, stir fries, and hamburgers. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly before adding them to your favorite meal.


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