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Perfect Prenatal Yoga Poses

Pregnancy is a beautiful, interesting and an uncomfortable experience, especially the farther along you go. However, yoga is here to assist you as your body and life transition! Yoga is an easy, and highly beneficial practice to continue during your pregnancy. There are so many postures to choose from, and they can easily be modified to suit your comfort level, and pregnancy stage.

The following are several postures that will help you avoid and alleviate pain or pressure, and also help your muscles as they expand to make room for baby. As with any yoga practice, pay attention to how you feel, and adjust accordingly…

1. Extended Side Angle Pose

There will be some, or many times when you feel fatigued or even drained of energy completely during pregnancy. It’s easy to spend a good portion of the day sitting, whether at work or at home, and letting this get the best of you. For a grounding, and energizing pose extended side angle is a good one to try.

This posture requires the firm planting of your feet, strengthens legs, and helps to open up the hips. As you extend your arm up over your head in this posture, it gives a full body stretch on that side, from your fingers to your toes. You are also able to rest your unextended arm on your thigh, and your stomach faces forward keeping things balanced, and baby belly friendly.

Extended Side Angle Pose

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