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10 Myths and Facts About Getting Pregnant

Most couples who are trying to conceive know that their lifestyle choices—diet, health, age, and genetics—may all contribute to their pregnancy success. For instance, one myth discourages sweeping under the bed (an old wives’ tale) if you’re trying to get pregnant, which in reality may only banish dust bunnies; not your chances of conception.

While we’ve left behind many of the superstitions surrounding fertility and getting pregnancy; there are still multiple myths that many couples buy into (both those trying to get pregnant and those not trying to conceive).

Here are the 10 most common that still exist concerning pregnancy and conception…

1. You Can’t Conceive During Menstruation

It doesn’t matter if you’re having sex during your period to practice “safe sex” or if you avoid intercourse during your period because you’re trying to conceive, no one gets a baby-making free pass at any time during a woman’s cycle. In reality, there are very few days when you can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant since sperm can live inside a woman’s body for approximately 5 days.

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