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10 Health-Infused Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and while the standard flowers and dinners are always nice gifts, you have other options for treating dear mom to a day that she deserves. This year, surprise your special lady by choosing one of these health-related gifts that can be fun, thoughtful and unique. Your gift may help you earn top spot among your siblings by showing mom you care about her health and wellness.  The following ten healthy gift ideas make Mother’s Day an extra special day all year long. After all, mom spent years caring for and raising you, and she did a stellar job…


1. Massage

Most moms are arguably in need of a massage to work out the kinks caused by a busy life and hectic schedule. And a massage might not be something mom would treat herself to. Make Mother’s Day the perfect opportunity to pamper mom and help her relax. Even if she sees a massage therapist on occasion, it’s still nice to be treated to something like this at a fancy spa. Or maybe it’s an opportunity to encourage her to try a different type of massage (i.e., hot stone) from the style she normally gets.

The standard massage focuses on soft-tissue work, but other popular types include deep-tissue, hot stone, Swedish, and cranial massage. If your mom is open to natural healing, you could send her to a reflexologist. Regardless of what you choose, turn her gift into a spa day by adding a mani-pedi and facial for a full day of pampering and relaxation. Mother-daughter massages and spa days are also an option, giving you special time with your mom. A little bonding can help you reinforce how awesome she is and how special she is to you.

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