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What’s Lurking in the Gym’s Locker Room?

Sure, the motivation might be contagious in the locker room of your local gym or recreational center, but, shockingly, so are numerous other icky bacterial infections that can spread quickly in moist, hot environments among gym-goers and athletes who share surfaces, towels, and athletic equipment.

Don’t be scared of the locker room—just be proactive when it comes to guarding your body against the eight various plantar warts, fungal infections, and rashes that are likely lurking in your workout space…

1.Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot doesn’t mean you develop super fast pacing or super wide stride when it comes to running. No, athlete’s foot is due to tinea fungi that tend to take up residence on warm, moist locker room floors and cling to your feet, causing a condition known as tinea pedis (or athlete’s foot).

If you frequent gym locker rooms and like to walk around in your bare feet, you might develop the condition that results in scaly, cracked skin that itches and burns. Athlete’s foot tends to crop up first between the toe webbing. To protect yourself, don a pair of water resistant flip-flops for trips to the steam room and taking showers. Also, make sure to dry your feet thoroughly and change to clean, dry socks before leaving the gym.

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