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What Your Feet Say About Your Overall Health

Swollen toes, lack of foot fuzz, painful cramps, and freezing toes…even when you wear the fuzzy socks are all common foot woes, but did you ever stop to think that these may indicate more serious medical conditions.

However, when changes occur in your feet and become chronic issues (i.e. flaky skin or numbness) your feet could be trying to tell you something about a potentially serious medical issue.  So don’t ignore your feet when these eight tootsie issues become persistent…

1. Foot Cramps

I bet you didn’t think that your lower half could indicate a lack of fluids being taken in by your upper half, but foot cramps are a prime indication of dehydration. If you exercise regularly and are prone to foot cramping during workouts, be sure to bring a bottle of water along to re-hydrate as you perspire. If fluid intake is not the problem, oftentimes, Charlie horses also indicate a potassium deficiency.

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