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What to Know Before Visiting the Dog Park

2. Take Your Dog’s Leash Off

It’s called an off leash park for a reason. Walking your dog on leash from the car to the gate of the park is fine, but as soon as you walk through the gate, take your dog’s leash off. Keeping your dog leashed in the park can really stress him out, especially if all the other dogs are coming to say hello. If you’re nervous about meeting the other dogs, just imagine how he feels. Letting him meet and greet the dogs on his own terms and allowing him to move freely will help diffuse any issues that may arise.

Another reason to take the leash off is that he and other dogs can get tangled up and potentially get hurt. If you’re concerned about the other dogs in the park, than hang out for a few minutes at the fence and watch the other dogs play. You’ll be able to tell if there are any dogs that you may want to avoid.

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