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What to Know About Wellness Coaching And Its Benefits

Many people have goals to be healthier and visions of what life would be like if they were. Perhaps they’re related to losing weight, developing better dietary habits, or reducing stress. But oftentimes what holds people back from achieving these goals are feelings of overwhelm about how exactly to do so.

That’s where wellness coaching comes in. Focusing primarily on physical and emotional health, wellness coaches assist clients in identifying and implementing strategies to attain the life they desire. Let’s explore more about wellness coaching and its benefits with these five facts.

1. What Is Wellness Coaching?

Based on a partnership between the coach and the client, the purpose of wellness coaching is to “help people explore their own desires, ability, reasons, and needs for making changes in their lives, and then take action to make and sustain those changes,” says the Institute for Wellness Education.

Rather than provide advice, however, the coach helps the client explore potential avenues for addressing their current health concerns and find one that works best for them and their lifestyle. Once the ideal approach has been identified, a wellness coach will help the client execute the plan and stay on track.

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