The Only Ear-Cleaning System Your Family Will Ever Need

Experience cleaner, healthier ears with UtilityTip’s doctor-recommended system.

Like most people, you probably clean your ears with a cotton swab. But also like most people, you probably don’t know that there’s a warning on the box that reads: “Do not insert swab into ear canal.”

If you’re wondering why using cotton swabs to clean your ears is not recommended, you’re not alone.

Traditional swabs push earwax deeper into the ear canal — compacting the wax and causing a variety of ear-related health issues. Using cotton swabs to clean your ears or the ears of your family members can result in tinnitus, infection, and even perforated eardrums.

For most, living with unclean ears isn’t an option. So what should you do? Thankfully, there’s a safer and more effective alternative: the UtilityTip.

UtilityTip is a doctor-recommended ear-cleaning system that allows you to easily extract excess earwax in three simple steps. What makes the UtilityTip so special?

Below are just a few of the many reasons why we swapped the cotton swab for the UtilityTip.

Professional-Quality Cleaning

You don’t have to schedule a costly appointment with an otolaryngologist to ensure your family’s ear health. The UtilityTip was designed after the tool doctors use to remove earwax.

The UtilityTip is 90% more effective than the typical cotton swab by itself and is even more powerful when combined with the brand’s all-natural Ear-Cleaning Solution. Simply squirt 3-4 sprays of the hydrogen peroxide-based solution into the inner portion of the ear to loosen the wax, insert the UtilityTip to a comfortable depth, and apply light pressure to pull it out in a twisting motion.

20 deep ridges work to trap and extract ample amounts of earwax without compacting it against the eardrum or harming the ear canal. As you can see from the photo above, fibers from cotton swabs and other debris trapped in your ear wax are easily removed by the UtilityTip.

Safe For Every Family Member

When you’re dealing with an organ as sensitive as the ear, you can never be too careful.

Made of soft but durable MDPE plastic, the UtilityTip is safe to use on your children’s ears when administered by an adult. And the Ear-Cleaning Solution quickly loosens earwax and disinfects the ear canal, so you can wave goodbye to ear infections.

Three separate grips also allow you to clean your ears with control and precision and avoid painful accidents that often occur when using cotton swabs.

You’ll feel confident using it on every member of your family — from your children to your pets.

Completely Reusable & Recyclable

Billions of cotton swabs are disposed of each year — using up precious resources and creating unnecessary waste for our already overcrowded landfills.

The good news is that the UtilityTip is reusable and 100% recyclable.

To wash the UtilityTip, just apply everyday dish soap to your fingers and rinse it thoroughly beneath warm, running water. If cared for properly, each UtilityTip can be used for up to six months — meaning that each Try It 6-Pack provides you with three years of cleaning ability.

After six months of use, the UtilityTip’s ridges begin to wear down. Thanks to its recyclability, you can dispose of your UtilityTip in your recycling bin — making it easy for you and harmless to the environment.

Whether you opt for the Try It 6-Pack or the 10-Pack, you’ll be getting a safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective ear-cleaning system.

Before you use another potentially harmful cotton swab to clean your ear or the ear of a family member, head to and give the world’s safest and most effective ear-cleaning system a try.

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