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The Telltale Signs of Appendicitis

Let’s put it this way; if you’re appendix bursts, you’ll certainly know it! Appendicitis is a condition that leads to the rupture of this pouch-shaped organ. The appendix attaches to the large intestine and is credited for producing beneficial germs for the digestive system, even though human evolution has almost done away with the need for this organ.

A burst appendix can be life threatening and doctors must remove it immediately to avoid toxicity. The most obvious sign of an appendicitis attack is pain in the lower-right side of the abdomen. However, many of the following symptoms may also accompany the tell tale abdominal pain…

1. Intensifying Pain

Most people know that appendicitis causes pain, but they aren’t necessarily familiar with the pain’s typical pathology. While appendicitis pain will become severe, in about 50 percent of cases, it starts out as a dull ache that seems to originate around your belly button area. The definitive characteristic of appendicitis pain is that it will increase in intensity very quickly, moving from slightly bothersome to debilitating and severe within the space of a few hours.

There’s no mistaking this type of pain. Mothers often liken it to the kind of pain they experience during labor. If left untreated this pain will quickly become so severe that you won’t be able to participate in seemingly normal activities. If the appendicitis flares up while you’re asleep, the pain will be severe enough that it’ll wake you up and prevent you from falling back asleep. You should consider this situation a medical emergency and seek immediate treatment.

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