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Sniffing Out 6 Underlying Health Conditions

Well many of us associate certain smells with happiness, safety, and enjoyment—campfires and lilacs come to mind for me—other smells (or lack thereof) can warn you of trouble and even indicate certain underlying health conditions.

According to research from the New York University School of Medicine, a faulty sense of smell is worth bringing up with your primary care physician as it can help with the early diagnosis of many diseases and health issues…


1. Upper Respiratory Infections

According to data published by the National Institutes of Health, certain changes in your sense of smell can indicate a more obvious issue with your olfactory or respiratory system.

For instance, a sudden change or lack of smell can result from a recent illness or injury such as a sinus infection or an upper respiratory infection. Because smells run take 2 routes (either the nostrils or throat to nose) to reach the olfactory sensory neurons—any blockages (i.e., congestion) can distort smell and taste.

sinus pain

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