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Revealing 7 Facts About Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is something that can affect you in life and especially in business – in fact, Forbes magazines wrote about the syndrome in 2014, explaining it’s the fear of being “found out” that you’re not as competent as people think you are.

The source goes on to explains that even top executives and successful actors have these kinds of thoughts once in a while, and notes that up to 70-percent of the population has suffered from this syndrome at some point. “Apart from serial narcissists, super low achievers and outright crazies, no one is immune to the self-doubt that feeds Impostor Syndrome,” notes the source. Let’s take a closer look at seven facts about it…

1. You Believe You’re a Fraud

The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada notes this is a psychological syndrome that can even affect graduate students. The kicker is that those who have achieved some level of success are the most vulnerable to this phenomenon – “It is based on intense, secret feelings of fraudulence in the face of success and achievement,” notes the university.

You believe you have somehow cheated your way onto the podium, and at any minute the floor will open up below you. Basically, you don’t feel like you deserve your success, even when you’ve worked hard for it, notes the source.

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