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Recounting 6 Health Woes of Elections

If you feel a bit sick to your stomach just thinking about the coming November 8th U.S. presidential election, you’re not alone. In fact, not only can you feel a bit anxious about the outcome of any election (and the process leading up to it), there are some bonafide health issues that could be attached to your worries as well.

Elections of any scale inundate us with information, debates, ads, and general squabbling from both sides of the fence. Regardless of which side you support (or perhaps neither), the buzz leading up to the ballots could be having an impact on your well-being. Here are six health concerns related to elections to consider…

1. Elections Could Lead to a Heart Attack

Literally. According to a report in Men’s Journal, watching debates or news about election campaigns can build up insurmountable anger in you. So the natural response to this for many is to hit the gym, but this could actually put your heart at risk.

“Exercising vigorously while you’re raging mad can triple your heart attack risk, even if your heart is otherwise healthy,” notes the article. This information was gleaned by the journal from the American Heart Association.


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