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A Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree: Which is Greener?

Every year millions of families place gifts under a Christmas tree. It’s a long-running tradition that, for most of its history, involved the use of real trees. But these days many people prefer fake trees, which can be used year after year and don’t make a mess in the living room.

The question is, which is the greener option? Is it better to buy a real tree that will dry out in January or a fake tree that can be used for years to come? Here are some things to consider when deciding between a real and fake Christmas tree…


1. Real Trees Are All Natural

Fake trees are just that—fake. They’re made of various plastics that, when disposed of, can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, many fake trees are made elsewhere, such as China, while real trees are produced and processed closer to home.

A real tree can be a pain. After all, it will probably leak sap and needles on your floor. But it can be acquired and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, and that’s worth noting.

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