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Protect Your Heart with These 6 Stress-Busting Tips

In recent years, stress has been identified by a range of health professionals as a significant health risk. Constantly feeling as though you’re under pressure can lead people to suffer more than simply mental health issues—from anxiety to depression—but can also affect how their other body parts function.

Because extensive exposure to stress can make it hard to eat, sleep, or simply feel comfortable with one’s self, it can have a drastic impact on major organs like the stomach, intestines and even the heart. So, what can you do to help alleviate stress and protect your heart, one of the body’s most important organs?

1. Identify the Source of Stress

The first step in overcoming or at least alleviating stress can be the most difficult because it involves reflecting on what’s causing it. This may be more difficult than you think, for several reasons: for one, the source of stress can be painful to explore—this might explore the end of a long and intense relationship, the passing of someone close to you, or change at work.

Second, this reflection exercise may reveal that there are more issues affecting your stress levels than you previously thought. Once you develop a clear idea of what’s causing your stress to spike, you can develop a coherent and comprehensive strategy for addressing it.

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