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Polysomnography: 6 Things to Expect from a Sleep Clinic

Medical professionals will attest to the importance of sleep. However, in reality, Americans just aren’t getting enough. Shocking statistics from the National Institutes of Health note that between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues or a diagnosed chronic sleep disorder. That might mean you aren’t getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours shuteye per night, or it may be that although you leave time to sleep, your quality of sleep is disturbed and/or lacking due to a variety of factors (i.e., sleep apnea, partner snores, diet, or another underlying health issue, etc.).

Here’s what you can expect from a sleep clinic…

1. What Causes Sleep Deprivation?

We can all deal with a few nights, or even a week, or poor quality sleep. However, when sleep deprivation becomes chronic, it can domino affect into a series of unrelated health issues.

For instance, lack of quality shuteye over the long term can lower the immune system’s defences again illness, cause fatigue and interfere with work, cause irritability and other emotional health issues (i.e., depression), and even leave you prone to bad-decisions and injury.  If lack of sleep is beginning to impair your quality of life, talking to your doctor about a sleep clinic may be in order.

Lack of Sleep

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