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Plug Into These 14 Impacts Technology Has on Health

Sure, technology has been an ally in many ways in the medical world – for example, more advanced imaging and diagnostics are saving lives by catching problems earlier, and looking up symptoms and finding home remedies is easier than ever thanks to sites like this one.

However, technology can be a boon to the health world or a hindrance – and there are ways that being constantly connected can actually be a negative thing. Let’s look at 14 dangers that technology poses to your mental and physical well-being…

1. A Constant Distraction

We all know (or should know) about the dangers of driving while texting, but that’s just part of the equation. An article from Time explains that even if you’re not using your mobile device, just being able to see it nearby can take away from the ability to complete complex tasks.

The findings are based on a study consisting of more than 50-college students that completed various motor tasks with their study leader’s cellphones visible, and then motor tasks with their own phones visible. “Performance on complex tasks suffered in both conditions when compared to control groups with no visible cell phone,” it notes.

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