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Odd Anti-Aging Tricks from Around the World

If you thought that Botox treatments and chemical peels were weird, you haven’t heard nothing yet.

It seems that worldwide, men and women are known to undergo some pretty drastic anti-aging methods in order to, literally, peel years off their lives.  The following odd anti-aging treatments from around the globe might make you squeamish, but they prove that people will do almost anything to remain looking young, thin, and beautiful…

1. Sake Hydrating Bath

Skin feeling a little parched? I’ll bet you never considered that bathing in sake might rejuvenate that flaky skin? Well, the people of Japan have utilized this popular spa treatment for ages. In fact, geishas once bathed in sake due to its richness in amino acids, a natural moisturizer.  Today, spa goers immerse themselves in hot tubs while a steady drip of sake streams from an overhead cask.

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