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No AC? 10 Cool Summer Survival Tactics

Following the harshest winter in decades, most of us aren’t complaining about the heat this summer. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. The temperatures can climb quickly and when they do they can stay perched near or at 30 degrees Celsius for days. That level of heat is tough enough to bear when you live in an air conditioned home and drive an air-conditioned car. It’s much more arduous to cope with when you don’t have the consistent coolness and have to go about your daily business anyway.

Relentless heat plus the ever-present humidity can zap you of energy and alertness, and generally make you feel—and look—quite uncomfortable. If you don’t have AC, you will probably feel a need to improvise with the following tips. That may mean taking measures like setting up fans and closing your drapes. It also means drinking plenty of liquids when the heat waves hit you.


1. Become Fan Friendly

When A/C is not an option air circulation is the key. Air circulates best when it is blown, by a fan. A strategy is involved here. When it’s cool outside, specifically some evenings, open all possible windows and doors and set up the standing fans so they blow that cool air into your warm home. On cool nights keep windows open to let a natural breeze waft over you. During hot days, close all your windows, curtains and blinds to keep in the cool air from the previous evening and night. Circulate that cool air with overhead and standing fans. Make sure you have your overhead fans set to the “summer” setting, usually counterclockwise, so they blow air downward instead of sucking it upward.

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