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Negative Health Effects of Overeating at Thanksgiving

A chill is in the air in some parts of the country, and that means the holiday season is fast approaching. And while you may use Thanksgiving as an excuse for an all-you-can-eat buffet, your body might have different ideas.

While we’re celebrating the food and family we have around us, remember that our bodies can’t always rise to the occasion too. So here are 12 things you should consider before loading up your plate for the third time…

1. Overeating Is a Stretch

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Possibly not, if you keep jamming turkey and stuffing down your throat. Reader’s Digest explains that once your stomach is full, it will continue to expand to accommodate your festive gluttony.

Once this happens, you can get “uncomfortably full,” and it can put pressure on surrounding organs, adds the source. While your stomach will generally return to normal size once your food is digested, in some cases your stomach remains stretched (if you overeat on a fairly regular basis), it adds. That means it will take more food to make you feel satisfied next time.

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