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Myth vs Reality About Vasectomy

A vasectomy is an extremely common surgical procedure performed to provide male contraception. The procedure blocks sperm from being released during an ejaculation, ultimately preventing a man from fertilizing a woman’s eggs. It’s a highly effective form of contraception and one that many people and couples choose to make if they don’t want children or don’t want to have any more children. But like many other surgeries and health-related choices, there’s a fair amount of confusion, misconception, and general lack of understanding about vasectomies. It’s bound to happen, considering it’s a medical procedure and there’s always anxiety surrounding them.

So get in the know by learning the myths and realities about vasectomy. Arming yourself with the right information will help you make an informed decision…


1. Reality: A Highly Effective Option

For women, birth control like the pill, patch, and IUD are available and generally quite effective. But more men are taking the steps to become sterile through a vasectomy, which is a highly effective option. There’s some debate about how effective a vasectomy is in terms of percentages. Some doctors say that when performed correctly, a vasectomy is 100-percent effective after the predetermined time frame your doctor recommends, while other doctors argue that the procedure is never 100-percent effective. Regardless, it’s highly effective, with cases of pregnancy in much less than 1-percent of cases.

An important fact to note is that the effectiveness isn’t immediate and a lot of men and women are surprised to find out they can get pregnant within a certain time frame after the procedure. Depending on the doctor, it can take roughly 2 to 3 months until all of the leftover sperm are gone from the urethra (that’s approximately 15 ejaculations). The best bet is to do follow ups to measure sperm count and make sure it’s down to 0 before having unprotected sex.

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