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Recent Breakthroughs in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

Thanks to the emergence of the “Movember” campaign, awareness of prostate cancer—including how to identify and treat it—has been growing. But we’re far from a cure for this very dangerous disease, which continues to take thousands of American lives each year.

The good news is that breakthroughs are constantly being made in the fight against prostate cancer. From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, medical professionals are working hard to help men survive and recover from the disease…

1. Preventive Measures

The fight against prostate cancer starts with prevention. That means examining how lifestyle choices—including diet and exercise—can affect one’s chances of developing this terrible disease. For those involved in this research, the question is this: can exercise or eating certain foods raise or lower one’s risk of getting prostate cancer?

Today, medical experts are making headway in answering these questions. They’ve found that foods high in lycopenes (i.e., tomatoes) and isoflavones (i.e., soybeans) could play an important role in preventing the development of prostate cancer. At the same time, research from the National Cancer Foundation finds that men with high levels of vitamin D, which can be acquired through exposure to sunlight, have a lower risk of developing the more dangerous forms of prostate cancer.

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