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Love your Liver and Live for Years

The connection between Hepatitis C and the liver is unchangeable. Many Hepatitis C patients are asymptomatic and have a lifestyle that is relatively free of barriers, despite the infectious disease that they live with. However, they have to constantly be mindful of how it affects their liver. This means making lifestyle choices to protect this vital organ. Some of these choices involve doing the little things right—such as eating, sleeping, and exercising. Others are more specific to the disease itself—for instance, avoiding alcohol and being careful with nutritional supplements. The end goal is to keep the liver supported with the following ten lifestyle strategies so that the possibility of further problems is minimized…


1. Eat Well

Embracing this sage piece of advice is essential to any healthy lifestyle. When you’re living with a chronic illness such as Hepatitis C, it is even more vital.  The staples of a well-rounded diet should incorporate several daily servings of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy. It’s important to make sure that this diet is low in cholesterol and fat. Also, Hepatitis C patients will want to avoid eating shellfish, particularly raw or undercooked oysters, according to Dr. David E. Bernstein, chief of Hepatology and director of the Center for Liver Diseases at North Shore LIJ Health System in Long Island, New York.

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