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Lifestyle Tips for Lumbar Stenosis

Lumbar stenosis is a type of spinal stenosis, a condition that affects the spine by narrowing the spinal columns and pressing on the spinal cord. Lumbar stenosis is the most common form of spinal stenosis and unlike it’s counterpart — cervical stenosis which occurs in the neck, lumbar is located in the lower back. It’s not a particularly common condition which might be why you’ve never heard of it before! However, it is an unfortunate reality for some people and it does require treatment.

If you’re suffering from lumbar stenosis, you’ll be waiting a long time before it goes away on it’s own. People who have this condition go on to live very healthy, and even active lives, but it does requires some lifestyle changes. Here are some tips for anyone who has lumbar stenosis…

1. Don’t Ignore Your Symptoms

Our first recommendation is to not ignore the symptoms. Anyone who has lumbar stenosis needs to consult with a doctor to help manage their pain and monitor the condition as it is a progressive condition. As we age, it’s easy to ignore the aches and pains that come and go. Lumbar spinal stenosis causes some uncomfortable leg and back pain, but unlike just any other sore back, this pain won’t go away. In fact, if nothing is done about it, it will often just get worse.

Even though this is a progressive condition, Very Well Health explains that there are many things a patient can do to better their condition. “Engaging in an exercise program often helps to improve mobility and decrease back and leg pain,” writes the source. “Working to improve your strength and range of motion can help you walk better with less pain.” Being proactive about your health is one of the best things you can do for lumbar spinal stenosis.

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