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Immerse Yourself In These Facts About Healthy Oceans

The ocean…so vast, so mysterious, so…necessary. Our world’s biggest bodies of water play an integral part in the earth’s ecosystem as well as our own health, so it’s important to continue conservation efforts and promote new ones.  

With this in mind, it makes sense for us to celebrate World Oceans Day in June. But don’t worry, if you missed it, there’s still plenty you can do to pay homage to the oceans for the years to come. Here are eight facts about the oceans and how they are integral to your health…

1. Oceans Soak in Greenhouse Gases

According to the website Love to Know, the oceans play a big part in the war against climate change. The source explains that the vegetation in the sea “holds a large quantity of the excess greenhouse gases that humans produce, and that global climate change would be significantly worse otherwise”.

However, the same article warns that the rate in which humans are producing carbon emissions may outpace how much the oceans can absorb. Apparently the amount of carbon dioxide taken into the oceans has dropped proportionately by 10-percent each year since 2000, adds Love to Know.


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