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How to Stay Alcohol Free at Social Events

Maybe you are taking a break from the hooch? Perhaps you are cleansing or trying to live a healthier life without alcohol? Or maybe you are a recovering alcoholic? Either way, steering clear of booze in social situations, i.e., parties, holiday gatherings, dinners with coworkers, can be difficult.

Saying no to a drink may cause you embarrassment or you may be easily pressured into drinking when others are partaking. That’s why we are supporting your non-drinking efforts with eight tips for planning ahead and staying sober at social events…

1. Be Proactive

If you are not a person who does well in the face of peer pressure, avoid the temptation before you even enter the party by charting out a plan of attack. For instance, if you arrive early, you may be able to spend some quality time with the host, help them prepare appetizers, and leave early before the masses get tipsy.

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