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High Anxiety: 6 Facts on Panic Attack

We’ve all panicked—right before a big presentation, prior to meeting your significant other’s family, or if you’re like me, at the mention of karaoke. However, when panic becomes a chronic and alarming response to everyday life, you may require professional help to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Here are six realities of living with panic attacks and panic disorder…


1. What Causes a Panic Attack?

Everyone experiences panic differently so, understandably, what triggers a panic attack will differ for each and every individual. However, medical professionals at Summit Behavioral Health, a substance abuse and mental health treatment center, say that the onset of panic attack can usually be traced back to a traumatic or life-altering event.

In many cases the death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, or the birth of a child can precede an initial panic attack. However, nerve cell malfunction in the brainstem can also cause the random onset of panic attacks.


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