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Glossitis: 12 Things to Know About Inflammation of the Tongue

The tongue is a small, muscular organ in the mouth that helps with tasting and swallowing food, as well as articulating speech. On occasion, however, the tongue may develop glossitis, a condition that causes it to swell, become red in color, and develop a smooth appearance on its surface.

There are a variety of different things that can cause glossitis to occur, as well as different types that a person can develop—both of which we’ll be discussing today, along with symptoms to look out for, and how it is diagnosed and treated. Read on to find out more about glossitis with these 12 facts.

1. Type: Acute Glossitis

There are several different types of glossitis, one of which is referred to as acute glossitis. With this type, Healthline.com explains that it causes “inflammation of the tongue that appears suddenly and often has severe symptoms.”

In addition to swelling, such severe symptoms include pain and shortness of breath (known medically as dyspnea). Acute glossitis most commonly occurs due to an allergic reaction, or from trauma to the tongue such as burns or bites.

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