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Getting to Know the 10 Different Types of Personality Disorders

Each person has a unique personality that sets him or her apart from all others. It’s a “collection of characteristics or traits that we have developed as we have grown up and which make each of us an individual,” says the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and includes the ways that we think, feel and behave.

With a personality disorder, however, the American Psychiatric Association says these thoughts, feelings and behaviors deviate “from the expectations of the culture, cause distress or problems functioning, and last over time.” There are 10 specific types, all of which have been grouped into one of three categories: Cluster A (odd or eccentric behavior), Cluster B (dramatic, emotional or erratic behavior), or Cluster C (anxious or fearful behavior). Read on to learn about the 10 different personality disorders and the distinguishing behaviors of each.

 Cluster A:

1. Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by extreme distrust of others, often including friends, family and romantic partners. They tend to believe that these people will use or take advantage of them, so they spend a great deal of time looking for clues to support these suspicions.

Psychology Today adds that someone with this condition “has a strong sense of personal rights,” in that they are “overly sensitive to setbacks and rebuffs, easily feel shame and humiliation, and persistently bears grudges.” As a result, they struggle to build close relationships with others or confide in them.

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