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Get on Board with These 6 Health Benefits of Traveling

Traveling, and we mean really traveling, outside of your state and your country and not a trip to the local mall—can have profound effects on a person. While not everyone has the means to travel, if you have the opportunity for an adventure—you should go for it.

Not only will you come back with potentially some of the best photographic memories of your life, you will also reap the benefits of being exposed to new places and cultures. Let’s take a closer look at six reasons you should start planning a trip now if you can…

1. Stronger Immunity

According to MatadorNetwork.com, traveling to new places exposes you to environments your body isn’t accustomed to, which can boost the strength of your antibodies that help fight off disease.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore basic hygiene like washing your hands and even using sanitizer, “but having some new bacteria in your life isn’t a bad thing,” notes the source. Your body learns new bacterium and in turn can build up resistance to them (be sure to check with your doctor for relevant vaccines needed for your destination).

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