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Gas vs. Appendicitis: 12 Ways to Tell the Difference

You’re doubled over in pain from something happening in your abdomen – and your mind might automatically go to the worst case scenario. However, while it may be something serious, in most cases it’s not.

It’s important to know the difference between appendicitis – an emergency medical condition that can be fatal – and when you’re experiencing the result of excessive gas. Let’s take a look at 12 differences between the two…

1. The Low Down on Appendicitis

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix – which typically is located in the lower right abdomen – becomes inflamed and filled with pus, “a fluid made up of dead cells that often results from an infection,” notes EveryDayHealth.com.

If you don’t get medical attention for this painful condition, your appendix may burst, spreading the infection throughout your abdomen (a condition called peritonitis) – which can result in death.

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