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Freeze and Read These 6 Facts about Cryonics

Being suspended in time and reanimated decades into the future may sound like something out of a sci-fi series, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular topic and more businesses that offer cryonic preservation (with the help of liquid nitrogen) are starting to emerge in the U.S.

This practice is being touted as a way for people who have died of diseases to be cured later—while others look at it as a way to achieve immortality. Here are six facts about this rather fascinating field that scientists are debating…

1. It’s About Brains Over Bodies

One business that offers cryonics, called Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona, explains that a common misconception about cryonics is that it relies on the faith that technology will exist to revive an entire body in the future. However, cryonics is actually more about preserving the brain, notes the source.

“If a brain can be preserved well enough to retain the memory and personality within it, then restoring health to the whole person is viewed as a long-term engineering problem,” it notes, adding that the technologies to achieve brain preservation are “foreseeable”.

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