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Fleas vs. Ticks: Similarities and Differences

Most dog owners take great pride in their pet and many of them, including myself. We treat our animals like family which means we’ll do anything to keep them safe and sound! Their safety becomes particularly important in the summer when dogs are more likely to end up with fleas or ticks. It’s important to know the difference between the two, as they each have different signs, symptoms, and treatment methods.

This article will outline both the similarities and the differences between fleas and ticks, and offer some advice on how to deal with each problem if you are ever so unlucky to come across either one of these pesty parasites.


1. They Are Both Parasites

Both fleas and ticks are parasites, meaning they survive by biting your dog and living off the blood. We know, it’s gross. Technically, humans can also get fleas and ticks, which is another reason to deal with the problem as possible to avoid spreading them between each other.

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