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Fatty Liver Disease: The Most Common Symptoms

8. No Symptoms

Fatty liver disease is often called a silent killer—meaning it shows almost no symptoms, particularly in the beginning stages. However, should the disease be allowed to advance untreated over a number of years, with no signs, symptoms, or complications while fat accumulates, the liver will become inflamed and scarring will occur on the organ’s surface. Eventually, untreated fatty liver disease can lead to liver failure.

Because of the dangerous nature of fatty liver disease, it is very important for at-risk people (and everyone else, for that matter) to be proactive about prevention. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk for fatty liver disease. Yo-yo dieting, resulting in rapid, unchecked weight loss (often followed by a period of weight gain) is a leading cause of fatty liver disease. Excessive alcohol consumption and obesity are also linked with an increased risk of developing the condition. Living a moderate, healthy lifestyle will go a long way to safeguarding your long-term health.

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